GENES - a software package for analysis in experimental statistics and quantitative genetics - doi: 10.4025/actasciagron.v35i3.21251

Cosme Damião Cruz


GENES is a software package used for data analysis and processing with different biometric models and is essential in genetic studies applied to plant and animal breeding. It allows parameter estimation to analyze biological phenomena and is fundamental for the decision-making process and predictions of success and viability of selection strategies. The program can be downloaded from the Internet ( or and is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Specific literature ( and a set of sample files are also provided, making GENES easy to use. The software is integrated into the programs MS Word, MS Excel and Paint, ensuring simplicity and effectiveness in data import and export of results, figures and data. It is also compatible with the free software R and Matlab, through the supply of useful scripts available for complementary analyses in different areas, including genome wide selection, prediction of breeding values and use of neural networks in genetic improvement.




software; statistical analysis; genetic analysis; quantitative genetics; biometry

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