Histological characterization of oocyte developmental stages of suruvi Steindachneridion scriptum kept in captivity

Mariana Roza Abreu, Patrícia Garcia, Evoy Zaniboni-Filho


Stages of oocyte development were described for suruvi females (Steindachneridion scriptum) kept in captivity. Oocytes of 21 mature or maturing females and ovaries of 12 immature females were fixed in Karnovsky solution for 4 and 12 hours, respectively. After, they were processed for routine histology, embedded in paraffin and stained with hematoxylin-eosin. Slides were examined under a light microscope and the oocytes were measured using the LAS EZ software, using the average between the largest and the smallest diameter of each oocyte for representation. There were six types of oocytes: Chromatin nucleolus: found in immature females, with average diameter of 9.5 ± 4.46 μm; Perinucleolar: present in all developmental stages with average diameter of 67.6 ± 15.61 μm; Cortical alveolar: measuring 175.6 ± 56.58 μm; Vitellogenic: average diameter of 797.65 ± 136.10 μm; Mature: with average diameter of 1184.98 ± 171.13 μm and Atretic, which were found in mature or maturing females of suruvi.



histology; oogenesis; fish reproduction; vitellogenesis.

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