Induced reproduction of dourado (Salminus brasiliensis): fertilization with sperm cryopreserved in ACP®-104

Ana Carolina Volpato Zanandrea, Marcos Weingartner, Evoy Zaniboni-Filho


Experiments were conducted to improve the fertilization rate of cryopreserved semen of dourado, Salminus brasiliensis. The experiment tested two cryoprotectant solutions at different semen: cryoprotectant ratios (1:5, 1:15, 1:25 and 1:50). The standard solution for the species (mixture of dimethyl sulfoxide, glucose, egg yolk and distilled water) was compared to a 350 mOsm ACP®-104 solution, which is composed of powdered coconut water diluted in distilled water and methylglycol. Differences between the dilutions tested were significant only for ACP®. The fertilization potential by using the standard solution at the lowest dilution (1:5) is equated when the sperm is diluted in ACP® at 1:25 or 1:50. These results show that the standard solution is the most suitable for the cryopreservation of dourado sperm, since the dilution did not alter the fertilization rate, requiring smaller storage space.



cryopreservation; sperm; fertilization; cryoprotectant; coconut water

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