On a class of αγ-open sets in a topological space - doi: 10.4025/actascitechnol.v35i3.15788

Hariwan Zikri Ibrahim


In this paper, we introduce the concept of αγ-open sets as a generalization of γ-open sets in a topological space (X, τ). Using this set, we introduce αγT0, αγ-T½, αγT1, αγT2, αγD0, αγD1 and αγD2 spaces and study some of its properties. Finally we introduce α(γ,γ')-continuous mappings and give some properties of such mappings.


gamma-open set; gamma_alpha-open set; gamma_alpha-g.closed set.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4025/actascitechnol.v35i3.15788

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