Study of the behavior of a reinforced embankment supported on alluvial soft soil - doi: 10.4025/actascitechnol.v35i4.16046

João Alexandre Paschoalin Filho, Geraldo Vanzolini Moretti, Carlos Vinícius dos Santos Benjamim, Atilio de Oliveira Moretti


This paper presented a study on the behavior of an embankment, 5.0 m high, reinforced with geogrids, and constructed over a soft soil 7.0 m thick. In order to determine the design strength (Td) of the reinforcement, it was carried out a limit equilibrium analysis using the following methods: Simplified Bishop (1955) and Corrected Janbu (1954), for the hypothesis of circular and non circular slip surfaces respectively. In order to verify the behavior of the reinforced embankment, finite element analyses were performed using the software Phase2. Therefore, this work presented the determination of the reinforcement load design, verification of the magnitude of reinforcement strains, determination of the plastification zones in the foundation soil due to the elevation of the compacted soil, and values of distortion and horizontal displacement of the soft soil and mechanism of mobilization of reinforcement load.




reinforced soil; soft soil foundation; limit equilibrium methods; finite element methods; geogrids

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