On two new types of statistical convergence and a summability method - doi: 10.4025/actascitechnol.v36i1.16206

Hemen Dutta, Bokka Surender Reddy, Iqbal Hamzah Jebril


In this paper, we introduce and investigate relationship among I-statistically Delta_r^s -convergent, I-lambda-statistically Delta_r^s-convergent and I-[V, lambda, Delta_r^s]-summable sequences respectively over normed linear spaces







difference operator; ideal; filter; statistical convergence; summability

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4025/actascitechnol.v36i1.16206

ISSN 1806-2563 (impresso) e ISSN 1807-8664 (on-line) e-mail: actatech@uem.br


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