Weakly continuous functions on mixed fuzzy topological spaces

Binod Chandra Tripathy, Gautam Chandra Ray


The notions of continuity was generalized in the fuzzy setting by Chang (1968). Later on Azad (1981) introduced some weaker form of fuzzy continuity like fuzzy almost continuity, fuzzy semi-continuity and fuzzy weak continuity. These are natural generalization of the corresponding weaker forms of continuity in topological spaces. Recently Arya and Singal (2001a and b) introduce another weaker form of fuzzy continuity, namely fuzzy subweakly continuity as a natural generalization of subweak continuity introduced by Rose (1984). In this paper we introduce fuzzy weak continuity in mixed fuzzy topological space.



fuzzy weak continuity; fuzzy point; mixed fuzzy topological space; fuzzy subspace

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