Asymptotically double lacunry equivalent sequences defined by Orlicz functions

Ayhan Esi


This paper presents the following definition which is natural combition of the definition for asymptotically equivalent and Orlicz function. The two nonnegative double sequences x=(x_{k,l}) and y=(y_{k,l}) are said to be M-asymptotically double equivalent to multiple L provided that for every ε>0, P-lim_{k,l}M(((|((x_{k,l})/(y_{k,l}))-L|)/ρ))=0, for some ρ>0, (denoted by x∽y) and simply M-asymptotically double equivalent if L=1. Also we give some new concepts related to this definition and some inclusion theorems.





asymptotically equivalence; double sequences; P-convergent; double lacunary sequence

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