Drying of the kernel and fresh and osmotically dehydrated bocaiuva pulps - doi: 10.4025/actascitechnol.v36i1.16814

Cláudia Leite Munhoz, Eliana Janet Sanjinez-Argandoña, Renata Campagnolli, Maria Lígia Rodrigues Macedo


The fruit of bocaiuva (Acrocomia aculeata (Jacq.) Lodd.) is a tropical fruit with potential for technological exploitation. This study determined the drying curves of kernel, fresh and osmotically pre-dehydrated pulps of bocaiuva fruit at temperatures of 60 and 70°C. We used classical mathematical models (Fick, exponential, Page, Henderson and Pabis, two-term exponential, Wangh and Singh) to fit the kinetics. The treatment of experimental data was performed by nonlinear regression. The two-term exponential showed the best fit to the data of drying kinetics of fresh and osmotically pre-dehydrated pulps, the Page model had the best fit to the drying kinetics of the kernel.


Acrocomia aculeata; kinetics; drying

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