Total nitrogen removal in membrane sequencing batch bioreactor treating domestic wastewater

Tiago José Belli, Lucila Adriani Coral, Maria Angeles Lobo Recio, Carlos Magno de Sousa Vidal, Flávio Rubens Lapolli


This study aimed to evaluate the performance of a sequencing batch membrane bioreactor (SBMBR) in wastewater treatment for total nitrogen removal. The reactor, which was built on a pilot scale with a volume of 30 L, was operated for 154 days and fed with synthetic wastewater. The SBMBR was operated under a sequencing batch regime with a total cycle time of 4 hours, which was broken down into 5 min. at the feeding stage, 55 min. of an anoxic phase and 180 min. of aeration and filtration. The permeation flux used was 5.55 L m-2 h-1. The membrane bioreactor presented very efficient biological wastewater treatment, with COD, ammoniacal nitrogen and total nitrogen removal efficiency of 99, 98 and 96%, respectively. The high total nitrogen removal observed indicates that the SBMBR was able to promote effective nitrification and denitrification, with a concentration below 10 mg L-1 of this parameter in the permeate.



nitrification-denitrification; wastewater treatment; membrane bioreactor

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