Proposal of a bootstrap procedure using measures of influence in non-linear regression models with outliers - doi: 10.4025/actascitechnol.v36i1.17564

Larissa Ribeiro de Andrade, Marcelo Angelo Cirillo, Luiz Alberto Beijo


The bootstrap method is generally performed by presupposing that each sample unit would show the same probability of being re-sampled. However, when a sample with outliers is taken into account, the empirical distribution generated by this method may be influenced, or rather, it may not accurately represent the original sample. Current study proposes a bootstrap algorithm that allows the use of measures of influence in the calculation of re-sampling probabilities. The method was reproduced in simulation scenarios taking into account the logistic growth curve model and the CovRatio measurement to evaluate the impact of an influential observation in the determinacy of the matrix of the co-variance of parameter estimates. In most cases, bias estimates were reduced. Consequently, the method is suitable to be used in non-linear models and allows the researcher to apply other measures for better bias reductions.




CovRatio; accuracy; precision; Monte Carlo

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