Semen quality of Curimba (Prochilodus lineatus) cryopreserved with vitamins - doi: 10.4025/actascitechnol.v36i1.19586

Rodrigo Diana Navarro, Fernanda Keley Silva Pereira Navarro, Viviane de Oliveira Felizardo, Luis David Solis Murgas, Estefânia de Souza Andrade


The present study examined the effect of adding the antioxidants vitamins C and E on the quality of semen cryopreserved of curimba (Prochilodus lineatus). Semen samples from nine breeding males were collected for analysis of rate (%) and duration (s) of sperm motility. The sperm pool was diluted into three cryoprotective solutions: Solution A: 5 gr. Beltsville Thawing Solution (BTS) added with 5 mL dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and distilled water to 100 mL; Solution B: Solution A + 0.0001 mg vitamin E; Solution C: Solution A + 0.0001 mg vitamin C. The vitamins C and E were not toxic to the semen of curimba. The sperm motility did not present any significant difference. However, the semen cryopreserved with vitamin C had a longer duration of the motility after thawing. Therefore, the vitamin C is recommended for the cryopreservation of the semen of curimba.




sperm motility; fish; reproduction; cryoprotective solution

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