Study of the application of sunflower oil in the process of drilling ABNT 1045 steel

Jean Robert Pereira Rodrigues, Tiago do Espírito Santo Baldez Neves, Marcio Bacci da Silva, Keyll Carlos Ribeiro Martins, José Ribamar dos Santos Ribeiro, Adilto Pereira Andrade Cunha


The cutting fluids in machining, when chosen and applied adequately can contemplate in benefits during the manufacturing processes. The selected method should allow the cutting fluid to reach the closest possible of the cutting edge lubricating the chip-tool interface. The properties of the fluid are fundamental so that the same facilitates the machining process. However the fluid can represent a great problem for the environment and health of the operator. For that reason, several scientific and technological studies are constantly developed to investigate the performance and alternative applications of cutting fluids in machining operations. This work studies the effect of sunflower oil in the cutting forces for the drilling process of 1045 ABNT steel. The fluid was applied in the form MQL - Minimum Quantity Lubrication for different cutting conditions. The cutting speed, feed rate and the length of the hole were varied. Each one of the cutting variables two levels were used. The results suggest a good acting sunflower oil in the work accomplished.



cutting fluids; drilling; 1045 ABNT Steel; MQL technical

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