Chemical characterization of pressed and refined licuri (Syagrus coronata) oils - doi: 10.4025/actascitechnol.v35i4.20251

Luciana Carolina Bauer, Jeanny Mércia do Amaral Damásio, Marcondes Viana da Silva, Débora de Andrade Santana, Simone Andrade Gualberto, Julliana Izabelle Simionato


Knowing the composition of foods is fundamental to assess their potentialities and the availability of nutrients to consuming populations. The objective of this work was to increase knowledge about the licuri fruit (Syagrus coronata) by quantifying the fatty acids and verifying the antioxidant potential in the kernel´s fruit and in the pressed oil´s fruit. The lipid profile data shows a predominance of saturated fats, high levels of medium-chain fatty acids such as lauric and myristic fatty acids, a composition very similar to the coconut oil. Antioxidant activity was observed using methods of DPPH radical sequestration, ferric reduction and total level of phenolic compounds. The oil characterization in the Licuri fruit brings the prospect of using the same in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, as well as a healthy alternative for consumption by the population living in the semi-arid region in Brazil.




medium-chain fatty acids; antioxidant; DPPH; FRAP; phenols

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