Development of soy-based beverages with papaya and mango pulps

Geovana Piveta Ribeiro, Ana Paula Cristiane de Andrade, Juliano Daniels, Neusa Fátima Seibel


The objective of this study was to elaborate and characterize Soy-Based Beverages (SBB) with papaya and mango flavors. Three formulations of each SBB were produced with soy extract (SE); papaya or mango pulp flavor; sugar and citrus pectin, in which were evaluated with chemical and sensory analysis. The addition of the pulps to SE did not affect the results (p < 0.05) of the chemical characterization compared to pure SE. The different proportions of pulp and sugar added to SE interfered only in the values for pH, moisture and total soluble solid. The results of the sensory analysis of preference showed that the most preferred papaya and mango flavors was the formulation containing 62.7% SE, 30% pulp, 7% sugar and 0.3% citrus pectin. The acceptance of the most preferred sample of each flavor represented in the scale used, that the judges 'liked' and / or 'liked a lot' the beverage. It was concluded with the chemical characterization that the addition of pulps to SE did not add nutritional qualities compared to pure SE. With the sensory analyses was possible to put in order the samples, and determine which was the most preferred by judges and quantify the attributes of the chosen sample.



soy extract; fruit pulps pectin; chemical characterization; preference; acceptance

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