Calcium fortification of roasted and ground coffee with different calcium salts

Luana Nascimento de Paula, Aloisio Henrique Pereira de Souza, Isabel Craveiro Moreira, Aline Kirie Gohara, Ana Flávia de Oliveira, Lucia Felicidade Dias


This study determined the calcium content and sensory attributes of roast and ground coffee fortified with calcium carbonate, calcium citrate malate, and calcium phosphate. The beverages made from fortified coffee powder were compared with a control (unfortified beverage). Two experts in coffee sensory testing analyzed six samples of coffee with the addition of different calcium salts; they assessed the aroma, color, and characteristic flavor of traditional coffee. The formulations containing calcium carbonate (A), calcium citrate malate (B), and calcium phosphate (C) were selected and used to verify the effect of using paper and polyester to filter infusions. Formulation B had the greatest purchase intent and presented the highest calcium content in the beverage, and it was considered rich in this mineral. The daily habit of drinking a cup of coffee (50 mL) has been popularized inBrazil; therefore, the addition of calcium citrate malate into traditional coffee powder can be an excellent calcium source and ensure the healthy intake of this macro mineral.



beverage; calcium carbonate; calcium citrate malate; calcium phosphate; filters; sensory analysis

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