Extraction and structural properties of Acanthophora muscoides (Rhodophyceae) extracellular matrix sulfated polysaccharides and their effects on coagulation

José Ariévilo Gurgel Rodrigues, Ismael Nilo Lino de Queiroz, Ana Luíza Gomes Quinderé, Norma Maria Barros Benevides, Ana Maria Freire Tovar, Paulo Antônio de Souza Mourão


Acanthophora muscoides (Rhodophyta) contains structurally heterogeneous sulfated polysaccharides (Am-SPs) with pharmacological importance; however, its matrix SPs composition has not been still extensively investigated. This study sequentially extracted and compared the structural features and the in vitro anticoagulant effects of the Am-SPs. Papain-extraction sequence yielded Am.E-1, Am.E-2 and Am.E-3 containing differences among the relative proportions of sulfate (26.18-33%) and hexoses (42.02-60.67%) based on chemical analyses. One- (1H) and two-dimensions (1H/13C) nuclear magnetic resonance experiments showed very complex Am-SPs composed of alternating 4-linked-α-galactopyranosyl units and 3-linked-β-galactopyranosyl units presenting variable sulfation, CH3 substitutions and3,6-anhydro-α-L-galactose units and pyruvated-D-galactose residues, respectively, typical of agarocolloids. Different chromatographic profiles (DEAE-cellulose) were observed, with fractions (Am I, Am II and Am III eluted with 0.5, 0.75 and/or 1 M of NaCl, respectively) revealing charge density patterns and distinct mobility to heparin by agarose-electrophoresis and, when analyzed by polyacrylamide-electrophoresis, a dispersive migration and similar mobility as chondroitin-6-sulfate for Am I fractions were noted. Regarding the activated partial thromboplastin time test, fractions had no virtually anticoagulation (1.47→3.07 IU mg-1) in comparison with 193 IU mg-1 heparin. Therefore, Am-SPs show significantly lower anticoagulation than heparin.



Rhodophyceae; cell-wall; polyanionics; structural chemistry; clotting

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