Flat slabs strengthened to punching with carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) dowels

Helder Luiz da Silva Rodrigues, Priscila Moreira da Silva, Dênio Ramam Carvalho de Oliveira


This paper presents results of punching tests carried out in four reinforced concrete flat slabs, one of them without shear reinforcement and others strengthened with CFRP dowels. Slabs were 1000 mm square meters and 60 mm thick and were subjected to mid span loadings until failure. The strengthening arrangements were radial and cruciform, varying the number of layers of CFRP dowels. The results presented include vertical displacements, strain on steel and concrete, ultimate loads and failure mode, as well as estimation of resistance based on the Brazilian standards. It was observed significant improvement on punching resistance of the strengthened slabs when compared to the reference slab, highlighting the good performance for the strengthening system evaluated.



flat slab; structural strengthening; punching; CFRP.

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