Technological use of green banana and birdseed flour in preparing cookies

Anne Raquel Sotiles, Marina Leite Mitterer Daltoé, Vanderlei Aparecido de Lima, Ornella Maria Porcu, Mário Antônio Alves da Cunha


Cookies made up of flour containing unripe banana and birdseed were developed and characterized by centesimal composition, microbiological quality, color by CIE L*, a* and b* system and sensory acceptance. Two formulations of cookies (F1 and F2) with different amounts of mixed flour (@ 6.0 and 8.0 g 100 g-1, respectively) were designed. All formulations exhibited attractive nutritional properties, mainly due to the levels of protein (F1: 11.6 and F2: 10.7 g 100 g-1) and dietary fiber (F1: 22.6 and F2: 31.03 g 100 g-1). There was no significant difference (p < 0.05) in color parameters between the upper surfaces of F1 and F2, and between the undersides of cookies. Both compositions showed high acceptability in color, texture, odor and taste, with a predominance of scores of the category 8 (like very much) and no statistical difference (p < 0.05) in the perception of these attributes by the tasters between formulations. The results of the purchase intention test suggest a good commercial prospect for the cookies developed. Our findings represent a new proposal for the use of flour with unripe banana and birdseed in the development of a food product with high added value.



baking; grain; sensory; centesimal composition.

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