Optimization of protein extraction process from jackfruit seed flour by reverse micelle system

Maycon Fagundes Teixeira Reis, Renata Cristina Ferreira Bonomo, Rita de Cássia Superbi de Sousa, Cristiane Martins Veloso, Rafael da Costa Ilheu Fontan, Olga Reinert Ramos Gandolfi


The extraction of protein from flour of jackfruit seeds by reverse micelles was evaluated. Reverse micelle system was composed of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) as surfactant, butanol as solvent, and water. The effects of stirring time, temperature, molar ratio H2O SDS-1, concentration of butanol (mass percentage) and flour mass were tested in batch systems. Based on the adjusted linear regression model, only butanol concentration provided optimum extraction conditions (41.16%). Based on the analysis of surface response, the best extraction yield could be obtained at 25°C, stirring time of 120 min, mass of flour of 100 mg, and a ratio H2O SDS-1 of 50. Experimental results showed that a 79.00% extraction yield could be obtained.



sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS); butanol; DCCR; Artocarpus Heterophyllus Lam.

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