Antifungal compounds extracted from rice bran fermentation applied to bakery product conservation

Anelise Christ-Ribeiro, Cristiana Costa Bretanha, Gregory Giacobbo Luz, Michele Moraes de Souza, Eliana Badiale-Furlong


The objective of this study was to apply a natural extract derived from the biomass of fermented rice bran as conservative, aiming to increase the shelf life of pizza doughs. The substrate, rice bran, was placed in tray bioreactors and inoculated with Rhizopus oryzae, whose initial concentration was 4 x 106 spores g-1 of bran fungus. The phenolic extracts, in average concentration of 2.47 mg g-1, were applied on the pizzas doughts stored at room temperature. These pizza doughs treated increased by more than ten days life compared with those that were applied conventional conservatives. Thus, this extract phenolic derivative of rice bran showed to be promise as conservative, with results that indicate less fungal contamination as glucosamine, score of molds and yeasts, and invertase enzyme activity in 17.66 µg g-1, 1.3 x 101 CFU g-1 and 0.04 mg min. proteins-1, respectively.



natural conservatives; phenolic compounds; pizzas; propionic acid; Rhizopus oryzae.

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