Development of a closed and open loop solar tracker technology

Aurélio Gouvêa Melo, Delly Oliveira Filho, Maury Martins Oliveira Junior, Sérgio Zolnier, Aristides Ribeiro



Solar energy is among the renewable energy sources that received greater addition in installed capacity. However, it accounts for a small fraction of the energy matrix of most countries. Electric energy generation by solar systems can be improved through tracking. This work aimed to develop and compare a closed and an open loop solar tracking system. The closed loop system was developed using Light Dependent Resistors. An algorithm was developed for the open loop tracker as a function of the geometric relation between the sun and the photovoltaic module. A simulation was run to compare this algorithm with a system using tracking at fixed time intervals, for clear sky conditions, with different tracking parameters and for five different latitudes. No significant difference was observed between the proposed open loop tracking algorithm and the fixed time interval algorithm for the tracking parameters evaluated. The open and closed loop solar tracking systems were compared experimentally in Rio das Ostras, Brazil (22.49 °S 41.92° W). An average gain of 28.5% was observed for the open loop tracking system over a latitude tilted system and 33.0% for the closed loop tracking system.



solar energy; dual axis tracking; photovoltaic systems.

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