Prediction of the longitudinal dispersion coefficient for small watercourses

Vanessa Vaz de Oliveira, Marcos Vinícius Mateus, Julio Cesar de Souza Inácio Gonçalves, Alex Garcez Utsumi, Marcius Fantozzi Giorgetti


 Longitudinal dispersion coefficient (DL) is considered an essential physical parameter to water quality modeling in rivers. Therefore, the estimation of this parameter with high accuracy guarantees the reliability of the results of a water quality model. In this study, the observed values of longitudinal dispersion coefficient are determined for natural streams (with discharge less than 2.84 m3s-1), based on sets of measured data from stimulus-response tests using sodium chloride as a tracer. Additionally, a semi-empirical equation for prediction of DL is derived using dimensional analysis and multiple linear regression technique. The performance of the produced equation was compared to five empirical prediction equations of DL selected from literature. It presented correlation coefficient r2 = 0.87, suggesting that this equation is suitable for the estimation of DL in streams. It also presented better results for predicting the DL than the five equations from literature, showing an accuracy of 71%.



longitudinal dispersion coefficient; small watercourses; sodium chloride tracer.

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