Mechanical analysis of a shear-cracked RC beam

Shahriar Shahbazpanahi



Shear crack analysis is essential for engineers to estimate repair work in concrete structures. So far, conventional theoretical and numerical analyses in fracture mechanics have been applied to study concrete flexural beams, but there is still little knowledge regarding the shear capacity for beams with a diagonal initial notch. In this study, a theoretical analysis is presented to obtain fracture resistance in a four-point RC beam with two inclined initial notch on supports. Here, a fictitious crack approach is adopted for estimating the equivalent effect of the fracture process zone of concrete in shear-cracked. Based on equilibrium equation in the beam notch cross section, shear force was expressed in terms of fracture process zone length. Then, in a double notch four-point beam, Mode II of the stress intensity factor due to the external load is determined. Finally, this process presents the relationship between the shear capacity and the fracture process zone length and expresses the fracture resistance as a function of fracture process zone length.The predicted results of loading capacities are then shown.



FPZ; fracture; shear; stress intensity

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