Energetic analysis of a commercial absorption refrigeration unit using an ammonia-water mixture

Josegil Jorge de Araújo, Carlos Antonio Cabral dos Santos, Carlos Almir de Holanda, João Batista Furlan Duarte, Alvaro Antonio Villa Ochoa, José Carlos Charamba Dutra


The ROBUR® absorption refrigeration system (ARS), model ACF60, with a capacity of 17.5 kW, is tested, modeled and simulated in the steady state. To simulate the thermal load a heating system with secondary coolant was used, in which a programmable logic controller (PLC) kept the inlet temperature EVA at around 285.15 K. The mathematical model used was based on balancing the mass, energy and ammonia concentrations and completed by closing equations such as, Newton's cooling equation. The mathematical model was implemented using the Engineering Equation Solver – EES®. The results obtained after modeling and a numerical permanent simulation are studied using the Duhring diagram. Potential points of internal heat recovery are visualized, and by using graphs of the binary mixture, it is possible to identify the thermodynamic states of all monitored points. The data obtained in the numerical simulation of the ARS was compared with data acquired in the actual tests of the ARS with the ROBUR® apparatus.



air conditioning; absorption system; simulation; experimental results; COP.

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