Ergonomic adjustments on a website from the usability of functions: Can deficits impair functionalities?

Dalila Giovana Pagnoncelli Laperuta, Sergio Luiz Ribas Pessa, Ivânia Ramos dos Santos, Tiago Sieminkoski, Roger Poglia da Luz


Current study assesses whether deficits and usability of ergonomics impair the functionality of a university website. The concepts of functionality, usability and ergonomics were foregrounded by contextualizing them within a university profile. Later, a satisfaction survey was proposed to users to measure the satisfaction in the use of the website and to map the problems in usability. In addition, an ergonomic inspection was performed on the site by applying Bastien and Scapin´s ergonomic criteria. After analyzing results by descriptive statistics and content analysis, the ergonomic and usability problems were detected, or rather, feedback deficits, minimum action (navigation), flexibility and experience impaired the excellence of website´s functionality, causing dissatisfaction or abandonment of the website by the users. After the analysis of the results, ergonomic adjustments were suggested for the website. They may be a help in new website projects or adjust products in which usability has not been incorporated to the development process.



ergonomics; software quality; website evaluation.

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