A comparative experimental investigation of reinforced-concrete pipes under three-edge-bearing test: Spigot and Pocket and Ogee Joint pipes

Jefferson Lins da Silva, Mounir Khalil El Debs, Marcela Novischi Kataoka



An experiment on the behavior of two types of circular reinforced concrete pipes under three-edge-bearing test is analyzed and discussed. Current study compares the strength of spigot-pocket (SPP) and ogee joint pipes (OJP). In the experimental analyses thirty-two pipes, nominal diameter 800 and 1200 mm, divided into two series of 16 pipes each, were tested. Each series was composed of 12 spigot-pocket pipes (SPP) and 4 ogee joint pipes (OJP). Experimental results of the loading versus displacement curves indicated that pipes behave similarly to a circular ring, since the OJP presented maximum loads 12 and 4% higher than those obtained for SPP respectively for nominal diameters 800 and 1200 mm. Pocket influenced load cracking, with 6.4 and 33% higher for SPP when compared to OJP for nominal diameters 800 and 1200 mm, respectively. Further, the presence of the pocket increased the pipe´s stiffness.



nominal diameter; circular ring; load cracking; stiffness.

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