Effect of individual and combined physical treatments on the properties of corn starch

Maiara Pereira Mendes, Ivo Mottin Demiate, Antonio Roberto Giriboni Monteiro


Native starch has wide use in the food industry although some of its characteristics are limited and require modification. This study aimed to make individual and combined physical changes in corn starch and to investigate starch changes, the single-screw extruder efficiency and possible applications for the modified starch. Starch was modified by annealing (ANN), heat-moisture treatment (HMT) and extrusion (E) treatment. Physicochemical, crystalline, thermal and morphological properties were assessed. Modified starches that did not undergo the extrusion process had the swelling index higher than the extruded ones and the inverse occurred with solubility. The starches pasting transparency decreases over time of the analysis. Starches modified by ANN, HMTA and HMT showed type A crystallinity and the extruded ones, V type. The modification of starch by single-screw extruder combined with the ANN methods HMT and HMTA was efficient, modified its structure and functional properties, providing technological and nutritional benefits.



physical modification; extrusion; physical analyses.

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