Dynamic experimental analysis of a LiBr/H2O single effect absorption chiller with nominal capacity of 35 kW of cooling

Alvaro Antonio Ochoa Villa, José Carlos Charamba Dutra, Jorge Recarte Henríquez Henríquez, Carlos Antonio Cabral do Santos, José Ângelo Peixoto da Costa


This work aims to transient performance of chiller single effect absorption refrigeration using the LiBr/H2O pair with nominal capacity of 35 kW. The goal of this study is to verify the absorption chiller when subjected to thermal loads and it transiently responsive as a function of the temperatures of the chilled, hot and cold water of the system. An experimental methodology was established in a micro-CHP laboratory to simulate the dynamic operating conditions of the system considering the thermal load (chilled water), the activation source (hot water) and the heat dissipation circuit (cold water). The thermal load was simulated from a set of electrical resistors installed in a water heater and the activation of the chiller from recovery gas a microturbine 30 kW and through a compact heat exchanger, where water is heated and stored in a hot buffer tank. The absorption chiller heat dissipation system consists of the pump and cooling tower. The system responded appropriately to the thermal load imposed providing COP values in the transient regime of 0.55 to 0.70 the temperature conditions tested.


Comportamento energético; Solução de Brometo de Lítio/Água; carga térmica; COP.

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