Hydrodynamic dispersion of sodium by equilibrium and non-equilibrium methods through undisturbed sandy soil columns from the Adamantina Formation

Vanessaq Almeida de Godoy, Gian Franco Napa-Garcia, Lázaro Valentin Zuquette



Column tests using undisturbed samples of residual sandy soil from the Adamantina Formation (K) were performed to determine the sodium hydrodynamic coefficient by equilibrium and non-equilibrium methods. Analyzing the porosity and soil characteristics, as well as the breakthrough curves, it was possible to note a typical non-equilibrium transport behavior, related to the soil dual-porosity, particularly at early and late time behavior in the breakthrough curve tails. The experimental data were best fitted to the non-equilibrium method than to the equilibrium one, and the sum of the square errors was up to five-fold lower. The conceptual model analysis of the methods led to observations on the limitations of each method and a careful analysis of the obtained values, which are also related to the soil characteristics.



dual-porosity; soil physical characteristics; conceptual model.

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