Combination of optimization techniques to find of processing optimal condition of postharvest broccoli by vacuum cooling process

Tian Ding, Charles Gobber, José Carlos Curvelo Santana, Wonder Alexandre Luz Alves, Sidnei Alves de Araújo, Liu Dong-Hong


This study aimed to investigate the impact of each factor on the weight loss of postharvest broccoli and treatment efficacy, and also attempted to fix the optimal condition for vacuum cooling treatment on postharvest broccoli by response surface methodology combined with tabu search techniques. Fresh broccoli samples were harvested from a Chinese farm and the green heads of selected samples were cut into smaller ones with approximately 3~4 cmdiameter, and sequentially equilibrated to room temperature. Pressure (200-600 Pa), broccoli weight (200-500 g), water volume (2-6 %, v v-1) and time (20-40 min) were used as factors and weight loss, final temperature and cost as responses. A tabu search algorithm was developed to find the optimum condition for processing broccoli and its initial condition were from response surface methodology. Results demonstrates a good adjust of tabu search algorithm in simulation of the broccoli freezing process. From tabu list the best condition were found as follows: the broccoli weight between 273.5 and 278.0 g with a water volume of 3.0%, processed for 40.0 min and at 200 Pa, where the weight loss was 0.34 ± 0.01%, of end temperature was 2.0 ± 0.0°C and profit percent was 99.66 ± 0.01%.



Brassica oleracea var; experimental design; tabu search; food preservation; the best condition.

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