Prioritization of product-service business model elements at aerospace industry using analytical hierarchy process

Maria Fernanda Barbato Salomon, Carlos Henrique Pereira Mello, Eduardo Gomes Salgado



 The paper aims to propose a business model framework under a product-service approach in the aerospace industry based on the main elements identified in the literature. Through a Multi Criteria Decision Method - the AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) - a set of elements was prioritized by nine specialists from the industry for establishing a fractional ownership business model in the civilian market of a Brazilian helicopter manufacturer. The results indicate ten elements for composing the business model framework, in which value proposition, customers and culture are part of it. The practical implication of this study indicates an opportunity to boost the integration of product and service in the aerospace industry, specially using AHP for business model construction. For future researches, others companies can be considered in the study. In addition to manufacturers, service firms or operators of helicopters can compose the specialists group. Besides, another Multi Criteria Decision Method can be applied aiming to do a comparative analysis of the results among the methods. The paper fulfills a gap about how business model is structured in a product-service integration context, especially in an industry originally considered as manufacturer.



servitization; components; framework; innovation; aeronautic; AHP.

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