A simple method for non-linear analysis of steel fiber reinforced concrete - 10.4025/actascitechnol.v32i4.7249

Leandro Vanalli, Rodrigo Ribeiro Paccola, Mario Rogerio Scoaris, Humberto Breves Coda


This paper proposes a physical non-linear formulation to deal with steel fiber reinforced concrete by the finite element method. The proposed formulation allows the consideration of short or long fibers placed arbitrarily inside a continuum domain (matrix). The most important feature of the formulation is that no additional degree of freedom is introduced in the pre-existent finite element numerical system to consider any distribution or quantity of fiber inclusions. In other words, the size of the system of equations used to solve a non-reinforced medium is the same as the one used to solve the reinforced counterpart. Another important characteristic of the formulation is the reduced work required by the user to introduce reinforcements, avoiding "rebar" elements, node by node geometrical definitions or even complex mesh generation. Bounded connection between long fibers and continuum is considered, for short fibers a simplified approach is proposed to consider splitting. Non-associative plasticity is adopted for the continuum and one dimensional plasticity is adopted to model fibers. Examples are presented in order to show the capabilities of the formulation.


SFRC; FEM; plasticity

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