Development and validation of method for the determination of organochlorine pesticides and trihalomethanes in the water by HRGC-ECD - 10.4025/actascitechnol.v32i4.7689

Maria Isabel Ribeiro Alves, Nelson Roberto Antoniosi Filho


The development and validation of a simultaneous liquid-liquid extraction method for organochlorine pesticides and trihalomethanes in surface and drinking water by HRGC-ECD is described. The method presents acceptable recovery, with detection ranging from 2.7 to 49.0 ng L-1 for organochlorine pesticides and from 18.0 to 860.0 ng L-1 for trihalomethanes. The extraction method also presents excellent linearity for all the analytes, with excellent repeatability. Extraction is simple, fast, and low cost, uses small amounts of solvent and aqueous sample, and is suitable for routine analyses.


Extraction; gas chromatography; organochlorine pesticides; trihalomethanes; water

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