Seppômen maps for geomorphic developments analysis: the case of Paraná plateau border, Faxinal, State of Paraná, Brazil - doi: 10.4025/actascitechnol.v34i1.9944

Edivando Vitor Couto, Edison Fortes, Michael Vinicius Sordi, Américo José Marques, Bruno Aurélio Camolezi


 This article presents the seppômen map technique through the computer application by using the free GIS software SPRING®. The methodology was applied to the study in the case of the geomorphologhical evolution of the Parana plateaux edges contained in the Faxinal topographic sheet – state of Paraná - Brazil, the results were the digital elevation models (DEM) and topographic shapes that leads to the landform evolution of the area both by differential erosion but also by strong tectonic control.


Seppômen; Faxinal sheet; Parana plateaux edges; GIS

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