On multiplicative difference sequence spaces and related dual properties

Ugur Kadak


The main purpose of the present article is to introduce the multiplicative difference sequence spaces of order $m$  by defining the multiplicative difference operator $\Delta_{*}^m(x_k)=x^{}_k~x^{-m}_{k+1}~x^{\binom{m}{2}}_{k+2}~x^{-\binom{m}{3}}_{k+3}~x^{\binom{m}{4}}_{k+4}\dots x^{(-1)^m}_{k+m}$ for all $m, k \in \mathbb N$. By using the concept of multiplicative linearity various topological properties are investigated  and the relations related to their dual spaces are studied via multiplicative infinite matrices.


Multiplicaitve difference sequence spaces; multiplicative difference operator $\Delta_m^*$; multiplicative linear spaces; $\beta$-duals

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5269/bspm.v35i3.29182

ISSN 0037-8712 (print) and ISSN 2175-1188 (on-line)

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