Thermodymnamic properties of crambe fruits

Daniel Emanuel Cabral de Oliveira, Osvaldo Resende, Lílian Moreira Costa, Hellismar Wakson da Silva



This study aimed to determine and evaluate the thermodynamic properties of crambe fruit at different equilibrium moisture contents. The dynamic-gravimetric method was used to collect experimental data. Crambe fruits with an initial moisture content of approximately 26% db (dry basis) were used. The thin-layer desorption of the product was conducted at different controlled temperatures (25, 30, 35, 40, and 45°C) and at water activity levels ranging from 0.10 to 0.89 until the product reached the equilibrium moisture content at the specified air condition. In conclusion, the thermodynamic properties of crambe fruit are affected by temperature and moisture content. The isokinetic theory is valid for the desorption process, which is controlled by enthalpy, and the Gibbs free energy is positive at all of the tested temperatures, which indicates that water desorption is not a spontaneous process.



Crambe abyssinica; enthalpy; entropy; Gibbs free energy;

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