Use of wild yeasts as a biocontrol agent against toxigenic fungi and OTA production

Mariana Lino Souza, Fabiana Reinis Franca Passamani, Carla Luiza da Silva Ávila, Luis Roberto Batista, Rosane Freitas Schwan, Cristina Ferreira Silva


This study evaluated the antagonistic potential of 32 wild yeast isolates from coffee and cocoa bean fermentation. These yeasts were inoculated in co-cultivation with Aspergillus carbonarius (CCDCA 10608 and CCDCA 10408) and Aspergillus ochraceus (CCDCA 10612) isolated from grapes and coffee beans. The mycelial growth and ochratoxin A (OTA) production were evaluated, and the spores were counted after cultivation at 28°C for seven days. The yeasts presented higher inhibitory effects (53% in relation to the control) over the mycelial growth of the isolated A. ochraceus (CCDCA10612). Pichia anomala CCMA0148 and Saccharomyces cerevisiae CCMA0159 provided the greatest inhibition of the growth of all fungal strains. All Pichia species presented the highest inhibitory effects on the production of spores, and S. cerevisiae CCMA 0159 at concentrations of both 104 and 107 mL-1 cells inhibited the production of spores by 100%. Rhodotorula mucilaginosa was effective at inhibiting OTA production by the three isolates of Aspergillus. S. cerevisiae CCMA0159 and Pichia anomala CCMA0148 showed high potential as biocontrol agents in the conditions tested.


antagonistic activity; ochratoxin A; Aspergillus; inhibition; Pichia sp.; Saccharomyces sp

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