Ristić-Balakrishnan extended exponential distribution

Frank Gomes-Silva, Thiago Alexandro Nascimento de Andrade, Marcelo Bourguignon


In this paper, we introduce and study a new generalization of the extended exponential distribution, called the Ristić-Balakrishnan extended exponential distribution. The new model adds one parameter in the baseline model and its failure rate function can accommodate both inverted bathtub and bathtub shapes. Important distributions are obtained as a special case of our model, such as exponential and Lindley distributions. The main purpose is to define a new flexible distribution with great power adjustment to survival data sets. For this reason, we provide a comprehensive mathematical treatment of the new model. Furthermore, we use a real data set that proves empirically the power of adjustment of the new distribution compared to other competitive models in the literature.  



generalized distribution; statistical properties; quantile function; maximum likelihood estimation; model fit

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