Development of equipment for decellularization using the perfusion method

Jonathas Haniel, Ana Paula Macedo de Souza Brandão, Rosana de Carvalho Cruz, Marcos Vale, Betânia Maria Soares, Rudolf Huebner


This study describes the development of equipment capable of transporting decellularization fluid through an organ by perfusion to create an in vitro acellular scaffold that maintains the three-dimensional architecture of the organ. The equipment was designed to be compatible with several existing decellularization protocols and can be used to modify the flow rate, perfusion pressure, and temperature in each decellularization protocol as well as the technique of cannulation of the organ in a controlled manner. The device was tested with chicken hearts and efficiently accomplished decellularization using the perfusion method. Further amendments can be made to improve the efficiency of the decellularization of diverse organs. It is expected that this equipment will aid in the characterization and improvement of the decellularization process and may have future applications in the process of recellularization of different organs.



decellularization; cardiac bioengineering; biomaterials; perfusion process; heart decellularization

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