Development of a mixed drink made from hydrosoluble soybean extract, coconut water and umbu pulp (Spondias tuberosa)

Luís Gomes de Moura Neto, Jaqueline de Sousa Lira, Maria Michele Ferreira da Silva Torres, Ilsa Cunha Barbosa, Geiseanny Fernandes do Amarante Melo, Denise Josino Soares


The food sector depends on consumers and their social behavior. Since currently more and more consumers seek healthy products, exotic fruits have been increasingly on demand, with great opportunities for innovation. Current study developed a ready-to-drink mixed beverage made from hydrosoluble soybean extract, coconut water and umbu pulp. Four formulations were prepared with two proportions of umbu pulp (25 and 30%) and soluble solids (17 and 25º Brix). Formulations were submitted to chemical, physicochemical, microbiological and sensory analyses. The beverage was prepared with 25% of umbu pulp and the soluble solids were standardized to 25º Brix with commercial sugar for the highest scores in sensory attributes, overall impression and purchase intent. The four formulations presented pH, acidity, moisture, total sugar, vitamin C and microbiological results in accordance with current legislation.



innovation, mixture; mixed drink; physicochemical; microbiological; sensory acceptance

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