Transient dynamic analysis of the high-specific-strength steel jacket with extreme wave and vessel impact load

Aidin Kazemi Daliri, Sepanta Naimi


Fixed offshore jackets are principal substructures widely used in offshore industries. An accurate consideration in finding an advantageous alternative to traditional steel material in the construction of this essential structure could be very efficient. The focus of this study is to simplify the construction procedures and to increase the serviceability life of the offshore jacket. To this aim, as a new low-cost material, high-specific-strength steel has been considered. With using ANSYS software, transient dynamic analysis has been implemented on two hypothesized three-legged jackets located in the Persian Gulf region. It is assumed that the modeled jackets are made of traditional steel and high-specific-strength steel material. The effects of an extreme wave load and a supply vessel impact load have been considered for the structural analysis. It has been shown that structural performances of the high-specific-strength steel jacket under the effects of the mentioned loads, are better compared to the traditional steel jacket.



offshore; substructure; fatigue; low-cost material; ANSYS.

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