Sensorial characteristics and fatty acid mozzarella cheese from milk of crossbred cows fed with palm oil and coconut fat - doi: 10.4025/actascitechnol.v35i4.20158

Silvana Aparecida da Silva Corradini, Grasiele Scaramal Madrona, Nilson Evelázio de Souza, Elton Guntendorfer Bonafe, Camila Barbosa Carvalho, Ivanor Nunes Prado


The aim was to improve nutritional quality of cows’ milk and use it as raw material for mozzarella cheese. Three treatments were tested with 23 healthy animals ranging power: control, palm oil and coconut oil. Collection was performed in 21 days and another after 36 days. Proximate composition (moisture, ash, fat, protein, carbohydrates), sensory, color (CIE L*, a*, b*) and texture were made for mozzarella cheese. The fatty acids (FA) present in mozzarella cheese were determined by chromatography. Saturated fatty acids (SFA) were the most abundant in cheese. The results point that it is feasible to add various fat sources in animal feed for milk and milk products in dairy cows.




dairy milk; fatty acids; sensory analysis

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